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Consign With Us

Lumina Gem offers the finest selection of consigned designer and estate jewelry. Since we are a full-service jewelry store, we are able to knowledgeably evaluate your items and do the necessary cleaning and repair work to present your jewelry in like-new condition, bringing you the highest return.  

When you consign with Lumina Gem, your jewelry is displayed in our heavily secured, fully-insured cases to hundreds of store visitors each week, as well as presented in our online store that has national exposure. We also offer social media, TV and magazine marketing.  An added benefit of consigning your jewelry with us is that you never have to jeopardize your personal safety by selling to strangers!

How does it work?  

We agree to keep your items on consignment for a period of one year. (We require a minimum consignment period of four months, as we invest time and money refurbishing and marketing your items for sale).  In your contract, you will be presented a SET PRICE for how much you will receive when we sell your jewelry, as well as color photos of your items.  By offering you a set price, this allows us to have periodic sales events and promotions to help sell your items, but does not affect how much you receive when your item sells. 

Have something to consign?  

Please fill out the info below, and we will promptly be in touch! The more specific you can be, the more accurate we can be in providing estimates for your item(s).  While we can be very close on in our estimates when we view your items online, the final valuation is done when our jewelers inspect your item(s).   

It is especially important that you fill out the contact info, so that we best know how to reach you!

Please use this comment field to tell us all that you know about your piece of jewelry…this would include where you purchased it at, how much you paid for it, if there is an official appraisal available for it, do you have the original receipt, papers, dust bags, etc.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all of this information, just try to give us as much background on it as possible.

Please note:  when we consign jewelry via the internet and not at our store in NC, we will require a copy of your driver’s license as well as a notarized statement that you are the lawful owner of the jewelry. Click here for the pdf of the form to take to your notary.  (Just an fyi, almost every bank has a notary on staff who can help you with this).  


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